Chil2: The platform containing GlamDock, FUZZEE and GMA

Chil2 is now freely available

The authors of GlamDock GMA and FUZZEE modelling and cheminformatics tools have decided to make their integrated platform Chil² freely available to the scientific and industrial research community, for general research purposes. Please feel free to download the platform from the Download Area. Chil² includes GlamDock, GMA and FUZZEE. For some more information on those methods please have a look at the Products area, and browse the corresponding publications. Should you decide to use the software we ask that you cite the corresponding publications.
The authors assume no responsibility whatsoever for the use and misuse of their platform and provide it as is, making no implicit or explicit guarantees or warranties of any kind. By using it you agree that you will not pester the authors with any legal questions or consequences of any kind. Please see also the text on the license.
Please note that you are not allowed to distribute the downloaded software. To keep track of usage, and to ensure agreement with the license conditions, we still require that any prospective users download the software from this site only.
Should there be sufficient interest the authors will consider making the sources of the software also available under an open source license. Please feel free to send your feedback.